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Gascoigne East Phase 2
ProjectGascoigne East Phase 2, Barking
Scope of Work450mm & 600mm Bearing Piles
Pile Number(s)> 580 Piles
Value> £ 870k
DescriptionThe team was drafted in to carry out piling works to two blocks which will deliver 500 new sustainable homes as part of the project. Works included the installation of 580 bearing piles at 450mm and 600mm diameters. There were a total of six working load tests across both blocks. Willmott Dixon added: Because of their collective efforts it will be easy for us to come back to you in the future.
External LinkWillmott Dixon

Wimbledon - AELTC
ProjectSomerset Road, Wimbledon, AELTC
Scope of Work600mm & 750mm Bearing Piles & Secant Piled Retaining Walls
Pile Number(s)> 1350 Piles
Value> £ 2.3m
DescriptionConstruction of an integrated world-class facility as part of The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) in Wimbledon, including the installation of a Secant Piled Retaining Wall and Bearing Piles.
External LinkWillmott Dixon

A52 Wyvern
ProjectA52 Wyvern - Brian Clough Way, Derby
Scope of WorkCFA Bearing Piles at 600mm and 900mm diameters up to 12.5m depth
Pile Number(s)149 Piles
Value£ 370k
DescriptionThe installaton of 149no. CFA bearing piles for the footbridge, wing walls and approach ramps along the A52 Brian Clough Way in Derby.
External LinkGalliford Try Infrastructure

Ealing Filmworks
Residential / Commercial
ProjectEaling Filmworks - Longfield Avenue, Ealing
SectorResidential / Commercial
Scope of WorkCFA Bearing Piles @ 400 & 450mm Diameters up to 25m depth
Pile Number(s)650 Piles
Value£ 480k
DescriptionThe scheme includes the development of retail and restaurant space along with the construction of new homes in Ealing Town Centre. We completed the installation of 650no. bearing piles in under 10 weeks.
External LinkSt George - Ealing Filmworks

Fresh Wharf
ProjectFresh Wharf - Fleet Road, Barking
Scope of WorkCFA Bearing Piles @ 350/400/450mm Diameters up to depths of 26m
Pile Number(s)1800 Piles
Value£ 1.1m
DescriptionA residential development on Barking waterfront, close to the City and major transport links. Piling was completed over 24 weeks using two piling rigs.
External LinkCountryside Properties - Fresh Wharf

White City Living
ProjectWhite City Living - West London
Scope of Work450mm and 600mm Diameter piles. Contiguous and Secant Wall Piles and Bearing Piles
Pile Number(s)1400no. Bearing Piles, 510no. Wall Piles
Value£ 2.2m
DescriptionThis is the mult-phase development of the White City area by St. James in the heart of West London opposite TV Centre. Piling with two rigs took 23 weeks, including the installation of retaining walls with excavations up to 6.5m.
External LinkSt James - White City Living

New Addington Leisure Centre
ProjectLeisure Centre - New Addington, Croydon
Scope of WorkCFA Bearing Piles of 450mm to 1200mm diameter and depths of up to 29m.
Pile Number(s)104no. Bearing Piles
Value£ 330k
DescriptionConstruction of a Leisure Centre where the piles installed were 1200mm in diameter and had depths of up to 29m, utilising the larger Soilmec SR75 Piling Rig.
External LinkWillmott Dixon - Leisure Centre

South West Lands
Mixed Use
ProjectSouth West Lands - South Way, Wembley
SectorMixed Use
Scope of WorkContiguous Piled Retaining Wall 600mm Diameter, Bearing Piles 600mm & 900mm Diameter.
Pile Number(s)337no. Bearing and 230no. Wall Piles
Value£ 1.36m
DescriptionLocated next to Wembley Stadium the development provides new homes, hotel, office and retail space. Piling was undertaken in close proximity to main National Rail line, and included piles up to 3400kN in load and 25m deep. The contiguous piled wall retained excavations up to 4.5m.
External LinkO'Keefe Construction - South West Lands

Fulham Wharf
Commercial / Residential
ProjectTownmead Road, Fulham Wharf
SectorCommercial / Residential
Scope of Work600 & 750mm Bearing Piles & Secant Piled Retaining Walls
Pile Number(s)> 2300 Piles
Value> £ 2.95m
DescriptionA multi-phase piling contract to install several secant piled retaining walls using both 600mm and 750mm diameter piles to retain up to 7m in some areas, as well as bearing piles. Using both CFA and Rotary piling techniques.
External LinkBarratt - London

Sovereign Court
ProjectSovereign Court, Hammersmith
Scope of Work750mm & 900mm Bearing Piles & Secant Piled Retaining Walls
Pile Number(s)880 Piles
Value£ 2.0m
DescriptionWorking for Joseph Gallagher, on behalf of St George, to install a secant piled retaining wall to retain up to 6m using both 750mm and 900mm diameter piles as well as bearing piles. Using both CFA and Rotary piling techniques. Site in close proximity to London Underground rail line.
External LinkSt George - Sovereign Court

NEC Resorts World
ProjectNEC Resorts World, Birmingham
Scope of Work600mm Diameter Bearing Piles &
Contiguous / Secant Piled
Retaining Walls
Pile Number(s)200nr. Contiguous Wall Piles
401nr. Secant Wall Piles &
1450nr. Bearing Piles
Value£ 1.12m
DescriptionThe installation of secant and contiguous piled retaining walls to retain up to 7.5m height as well as bearing piles. Used three piling rigs throughout the duration of the works, totalling 30 rig working weeks.
External LinkGallifordTry - NEC Resorts World

Project Angel
ProjectProject Angel - Angel Street, Northampton
Scope of Work450mm & 600mm Bearing Piles &
Contiguous Piled Retaining Walls
Pile Number(s)197nr. Contiguous Wall Piles &
470nr. Bearing Piles
Value£ 578k
DescriptionPiling to new public sector headquarters
in the middle of Northampton town centre just behind County Hall. Installation of a contiguous piled retaining wall as well as 470nr. bearing piles across two levels.
External LinkGallifordTry - Project Angel

Olympic Velodrome
ProjectOlympic Velodrome - Olympic Park
Scope of Work450mm & 600mm Diam.
Piles to depths of 26m
and Driven Piles
Pile Number(s)955 Bearing Piles
Value£ 930k
DescriptionTo design piles using EuroCode 7 and install almost 1000 bearing piles with loads up to 3000kN
External LinkISG Projects

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