Disclaimer & Privacy Policy
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Disclaimer & Privacy Policy
The information contained herein is intended to provide guidance on piling and piling related topics. It (the information) must not be relied upon to provide detailed design information and cannot be used to undertake any piling works without contacting us. If you require a detailed design or tender or any other piling information please contact our Head Office.

Determination of pile loads/sizes must remain the responsibility of the design engineer and Rock & Alluvium cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information provided herein. No liability can be accepted for the final design of any particular contract unless approved by Rock & Alluvium in writing.

Privacy Statement:
Please follow this link to read Rock & Alluvium's statement on privacy: Rock & Alluvium - Privacy Notice

Your personal data is any information relating to you from which you can be identified.
We promise:
- To keep your personal data safe and only process it on valid legal basis.
- To keep our records up to date and delete or correct inaccurate personal data.
- Not to keep your personal data after the purpose has ended.
- Not to sell your personal data.
- To give you ways to manage and review your marketing choices at any time.

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Also please see our Modern Slavery Statement

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