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Piling Techniques (CFA | Rotary)
Bearing Piles
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Bearing Piles
There are a multitude of different types of bearing pile, varying in depth, diameter and reinforcement. The bearing pile takes its load from its shaft and toe and therefore the load it can take greatly depends on the soil stratas encountered.

For instance a bearing pile in clay provides more shaft friction than end bearing, whereas a pile in sand takes more load from its toe than the shaft. This is due to the physical makeup of clay and sand and how they react to loads.

We are able to install bearing piles on a wide variety of sites. These have previously included:
  • Housing Apartments / Tower Blocks
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Bridges and Main Roads
  • Leisure Buildings
  • Science and Medical Buildings
The bearing piles we install typically vary in diameter from 300mm to 900mm, but we can adapt our piling rigs to other diameters.

The piles can be installed to to depths of anything up to 28m and we can install varying amounts of reinforcement depending on the specified loadings.

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