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Piling Techniques (CFA | Rotary)
Bearing Piles
Retaining Walls
Piling Techniques

Continuous Flight Auger Piling (CFA Piling)

CFA Piling CFA Piling is one of the most widely adopted piling techniques due to its low impact on the surrounding environment. It is ideal for use near any environmentally sensitive situation including but not limited to listed buildings, water treatment works and contaminated sites. We offer many innovative piling solutions, allowing for instance the installation of deep excavation Piled Retaining Walls.

Rotary Piling

Rotary Piling allows for the installation of piles up to depths of 34m and much larger diameters up to 1200mm.

Rotary Piling
  • Concrete can be placed to or below commencement surface level
  • Temporary or Permanent Liners can be installed
  • Piles can be installed through particulary stiff or hard strata
  • Inspect the pile boring during construction
  • Short rigging up time

This piling technique is particularly useful for basement works as it saves concrete and steel and implies that low level cut-off bearing piles can be constructed from the same level as a basement retaining wall, thus saving on the reinstatement of a piling platform at reduced level and has very little affect on the speed of the reduced dig after completion of the piling.
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