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Regeneration of inner city areas and brownfield sites has resulted in increased awareness of environmental noise and vibration. In many cases, sites may have a 'Section 60' notice limiting the level of noise at the site boundary. Such environmental considerations can dictate both the type of pile and the size and type of piling equipment that can be used.

Rock & Alluvium offer a range of hydraulically mounted boring rigs that are ideally suited to working in these sensitive areas. Modern, fully computerized piling rigs are used, that have been developed to achieve the high environmental standards expected within today's market place. The further from the piling operation the lower the noise levels. The use of equipment with such a low level of noise has a minimum effect upon noise sensitive areas and the environment generally.

For comparison, noise levels for a driven pile can typically exceed 100dB(A) at source. Consequently where noise is a sensitive issue, bored piling may prove to be a more suitable solution. British Standard BS5228:Part 4:1992 relates to Noise & Vibration Control on Construction and Open Sites and is applicable to piling operations.

With regard to vibration, people are sensitive to vibration and understandably can become concerned if they perceive that damage could be occurring to their property as a result of piling activities. BS7385-2:1993 relates to the evaluation and measurement of vibration for buildings and provides guidance to damage levels from ground borne vibration.

If piling is required in close proximity to existing structures or in particularly sensitive areas (i.e. schools, hospitals, town centres), then it would be prudent to adopt a piling system that can install piles with a minimum of disturbance. Rock and Alluvium have installed CFA piles within 1.0 m of existing housing and other structures and would favour this pile type where noise and vibration is a major consideration.

It is not the intention of this guidance note to provide site-specific details and the scheme designer must consider all features pertinent to the subject site.

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