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Site Tablets - Update - Jan 2017: The site staff have been working with the site computer tablets and the regularly updated bespoke piling software for over 3 years now. New features include new Health & Safety forms and weekly reporting back to the office. Many savings have been made in all parts of R&A working.
Biscuit Factory, Bermondsey - Piling - Nov 2016: Contracted by McLaren with a contract value of £300k to construct 100nr. piles at 600mm diameter to depths up to 22m on a site that was previously contaminated. Build will include studios and work spaces as well as new residential units.
South Way, Wembley Park Contract - Oct 2016: Regeneration of the Wembley Park area to build homes, hotel, office and retail space. First phase of works we will be installing a contiguous piled retaining wall with 230nr piles and bearing piles up to 900mm diameter. Site is next to the national railway line serving Wembley Stadium.
Piling at VW Lookers Battersea - Aug 2016: (External Link) Piling at VW Lookers in Battersea for Linden Homes to build office and residential units. Duration of 15 rig weeks and a contract value of over £1.5m. We constructed a 450metre secant piled retaining wall and installed over 400no. bearing piles at 600 & 750mm diameters.
Hiscox Building, York - Piling - Dec 2015: Undertook piling works for BAM Construction for a contract valued at £200k+ to pile around an archaelogical site. Cantilevered piles with high moment loads were installed as well as standard bearing piles at 600mm diameter over four rig weeks.
Sovereign Court Piling - Feb 2015: (Link) Piling at Sovereign Court, in close proximity to the Hammersmith underground tube line, has been undertaken for Joseph Gallagher for £2.1m. A secant piled retaining wall was installed around site using 750 & 900mm diameter piles as well as 27m bearing piles.
Site Computer Tablets - Dec 2014: All Site Foreman have been provided with computer tablets with ePiLog software. This software allows the Foreman to undertake many site functions much more efficiently and has greatly reduced costs and improved quality. Features include daily logs, pile schedules and site instructions.
Fulham Wharf Piling - Jun 2014: (Link) The first phase of piling at Fulham Wharf has been completed for Barratt Homes. The piling included the installation of a secant piled retaining wall and bearing piles using both the CFA and Rotary piling techniques. The piling contract had a value of £2.9m.
Soilmec SF65 Piling Rigs - May 2014: (Link) New Soilmec SF65 Piling Rigs have been added to Rock & Alluvium's fleet. The SF65 is an evolution in the piling rigs provided for CFA piling and is part of the new SF family of Soilmec rigs. These rigs all provide the latest Soilmec Drill Mate System (DMS) for pile installation monitoring.
Health & Safety Group Award - Jan 2013: (Link) The award goes to the Rock & Alluvium Plant Yard team for the tremendous work carried out to improve health and safety at the Plant Yard. Group Health and Safety Advisor has witnessed a step-change in standards with the past two SSER’s both scoring 100%.